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How The Verge makes video reviews

How The Verge makes video reviews


How The Verge makes video reviews

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Here at The Verge, we’ve been at this video thing for over seven years — from first looks at new devices to full-fledged, in-depth reviews. It’s kind of like that parent who not only attended every school event, but made cupcakes for it, too. The video team is everywhere.

Before you roll the cameras, you have to have something important to say. At The Verge, we care about technology and the future, and how that technology is going to change our future and the way we interact with the entire world. One way we attempt to unpack this whole future thing is with our video reviews. For the last episode of our video series Workflow, we’re diving into our video-making process.

The time from receiving the product to exporting the final cut can range from 24 hours to a few days. It’s in this time that we figure out the story these devices tell, how to best depict that, and then actually film and edit the whole piece. But how do we decide what stories to tell and why don’t we do it in 4K? Keep it locked to to find out.

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