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A new trailer for Star Trek: Discovery ups the stakes for season 2

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‘This could be the defining moment for multiple civilizations, billions of lives’

CBS has released a new trailer for its upcoming second season of Star Trek: Discovery, highlighting the peril that will face the crews of the USS Discovery and USS Enterprise when the show returns in January.

After the show teased his appearance in two earlier trailers, Ethan Peck’s bearded Spock is front and center, telling his half-sister, disgraced Starfleet officer Michael Burnham, that they’re facing a major challenge — one that could be a “defining moment for multiple civilizations, [and] billions of lives.” Their actions, he says, might determine the future of the galaxy — a fair statement, since Discovery is a prequel set before the original Star Trek TV series.

This season’s main threat seems to be seven mysterious red bursts that have occurred across the galaxy. According to Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount), these signs “typically follow the arrival of a being we call the Red Angel.” Those signals also coincided with visions Spock experienced — he says he saw an apocalypse, and that someone is working to wipe out life in the galaxy.

We also get a glimpse of the return of Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh), who’s now a member of a clandestine United Federation of Planets outfit, Section 31, which is also looking into the Red Angel.

Star Trek: Discovery returns on January 17th, 2019 on CBS All Access.