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All I want for Christmas is this twerking Alexa-enabled bear

All I want for Christmas is this twerking Alexa-enabled bear


It twerks to the beat of the music and lip-syncs Alexa responses

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The company behind the Alexa-enabled Big Mouth Billy Bass has created the most Spencer’s Gift-y item of them all: an Alexa-enabled twerking bear that dances to music and lip-syncs responses. It comes in three variations — Twerking Bear, Twerking Bear (seasonal), and Santa — all of which sell for $40. It’s a small price to pay for an animated plush that cheerfully lip-syncs responses to your questions, in addition to handling timers, alarms, reminders, and notifications.

Twerking Bear comes from novelty toy and inflatables company Gemmy, which already has an entire army of stuffed animal twerkers. Gemmy released its Alexa-enabled line of passionate dancers last month, but we somehow missed them amid the excitement of seeing an Alexa-enabled singing fish. I know my apartment would feel a lot more festive with these jolly good fellows bringing the cheer:

The animated plushies can dance to the beat for songs played through Amazon Music, but they won’t move their mouths to the lyrics, unfortunately. The description helpfully explains that “it doesn’t move its mouth to these songs because this Christmas bear is focused on twerking!” That’s a solid reason, and I’ll take it!