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Tidal launches My Mix playlists that are curated by humans and machines

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Similar to Spotify’s Daily Mix playlists

Tidal My Mix Image: Tidal

Tidal is finally offering its subscribers personalized playlists that are similar to Spotify’s Daily Mix and Apple Music’s For You compilations. Tidal’s version is called My Mix, and it offers six “custom curated collections,” according to a press release. Each playlist will carry a maximum of 50 songs that are chosen through a combination of human curation from Tidal’s team and machine learning algorithms.

The playlists will include newer and older tracks, alongside previously undiscovered songs for that particular user. Mixes will receive regular updates, according to the press release, and daily updates will be handed out to Tidal’s most active users. My Mix playlists can also be saved for offline listening. Copies of the playlist can be made so users can experience repeat listening sessions of specific compilations.

Tidal My Mix
My Mix playlist options as seen in the Tidal app.
Image: Tidal

Although My Mix is a new feature on Tidal, other streaming services like Spotify and Apple have been offering similar playlists for years. Spotify launched its Daily Mix service in September 2016. The idea is similar: there are six playlists, and each one is divided into a specific genre of music for users to listen to. Apple also rolled out its For You playlists in 2017.

My Mix playlists are now available to Tidal subscribers worldwide.