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Google updated its Street View Trekker to look slightly less dorky

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Map the world in style

Over the years, Google has loaned out its Street View camera to photographers, travelers, and organizations to bring 360-degree imagery of cultural landmarks to Google Maps. Today, the company announced it’s taken the feedback from partners who have used the Trekker, as the camera rig is called, around the world and updated it with their suggestions. The new Street View Trekker is lighter, sleeker, and the cameras have been updated with increased aperture and higher-resolution sensors.

The Trekker is versatile enough to be worn like a backpack, or placed on top of everything from cars to boats to zip-lines. It’s especially useful for exploring areas that might otherwise be difficult to travel to with a Street View-equipped car, as well as for building maps for developing countries and cities. Below, you can see what the Trekker used to look like on the left, and the updated version on the right.

Google’s Street View camera loan program is open to organizations like tourism boards, nonprofits, government agencies, universities, and research groups. You can also apply to borrow the Trekker here, if you’re interested in promoting areas of “cultural, historic, or touristic significance.” In the meanwhile, check out all the other places the Trekker captured, like scientist Jane Goodall’s office in Tanzania, and the view from the inside of the Eiffel Tower.