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Fortnite starts two week holiday celebration with snowball launchers

Fortnite starts two week holiday celebration with snowball launchers


Naughty and nice

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Fortnite is getting in the holiday spirit with a 14-day event that will introduce something new to the game every step of the way. Today, for example, the game’s grenade launchers have been replaced with snowball launchers, and bushes are now adorned with Christmas lights. The battle bus is also looking very merry this time of year, as are supply drops.

According to Epic Games, the map is getting a variety of changes, which include snowy areas and Christmas trees, among other Easter eggs. Every day of the celebration will introduce a new challenge that will reward players with prizes — the first, which tasks players with joining a creative mode server, doles out a special spray. The item shop also features a variety of themed costumes and skins, including a candy cane wrap.

Redditor u/FortyAndSeven

Every day of the event will also cycle in a new limited-time mode, which right now includes a 33-team playlist and a classic mode that includes weapons currently relegated to the vault.

Perhaps the most exciting inclusion is, as discovered by Redditor FortyandSeven, what appears to be a giant disco ball in the sky. Players predict it will slowly descend onto the island in time for New Year’s Eve. The question is: will it function like a boogie bomb and make the entire map dance? One can only hope.