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This Game of Thrones aerial drone video collection will get you through winter

This Game of Thrones aerial drone video collection will get you through winter


Iceland is beyond the Wall

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Image: HBO

The year is winding down, the days are getting colder — you might say that winter is coming. But even if you’re not traveling anywhere for the holidays, you can still go get your vacation sightseeing fix through an unlikely source: aerial drone video collections. While Game of Thrones eighth and final season doesn’t arrive until next spring, fans have made a series of drone videos featuring famous destinations in Europe and North Africa where the show was filmed.

For instance, here’s a video of Dubrovnik, Croatia, which is actually King’s Landing on the show, set to a remix of the Game of Thrones theme song. A note in the video description details how the seaport city that originated in the 11th century has been preserved through the ages and been named a UNESCO World Heritage site. Seeing drone views of the city help demonstrate how the GoT crew didn’t have to change the set much at all and that much of the reddish-colored roofs and stone buildings remain intact.

To be sure, the editing of these videos varies wildly, since there are different kinds of users uploading. Some do vlogs; others simply have silent scenery shots, and still others put together fast-paced contest-ready cuts of Catalonia, Spain. But that’s part of the fun of clicking into these drone videos, and makes it different from, say, surfing travel videos and shows that are already a known quantity.

In season 7 of Game of Thrones, we get to see a lot of what’s beyond the wall, so Iceland, an important location on the show, features prominently in these video collections. Shot in 4K, this video by ClearSky takes us through the icy landscape and natural waterfalls that would surely be freezing to actually visit. That’s the perk of traveling via video: you’ll never have to sweat or be cold.

With several months left to go until Game of Thrones returns, the archives of drone videos also offer a meditative respite from the blood and carnage of the actual show. Peaceful tours of these scenic spots in Europe that still preserve tradition are kind of a far cry from dragons ripping chicken guts out, but it feels a little like the show in spirit.