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First Men in Black International trailer stars a fun reunion for Thor: Ragnarok fans

This isn’t the Men in Black you remember

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson first teamed up to take on the villainous Hela in Thor: Ragnarok, but now they’re back together to protect Earth from aliens.

Men in Black International is a spinoff of the original Men in Black series, which famously starred Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Although neither Smith nor Jones make an appearance in this trailer, Men in Black International does carry through some of the classic comedy stylings fans will appreciate. If we’re being honest, the only thing better than Smith and Jones getting into hijinks with aliens is Hemsworth and Thompson getting into hijinks with aliens.

Men in Black International follows Hemsworth’s Agent H and Thompson’s Agent M as they head to London, a departure from the first films, which famously took place in New York City (although Men in Black III took place in Cape Canaveral, Florida). Changing the setting to London does give the franchise a fresh new feel, and it also helps distance Men in Black International from the reported Men in Black / 21 Jump Street franchise crossover that Sony is apparently working on.

This first trailer for Men in Black International looks like a pretty good time, and if there’s anything we can agree on, it’s that Hemsworth and Thompson make one hell of a team.

Men in Black International hits theaters on June 14th, 2019.