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T-Mobile’s TV service delayed to 2019 because TV services are hard to make

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Who knew?

T-Mobile is apparently delaying its plans to launch its upcoming TV service until 2019 in order to focus on delivering a better product that would be able to stand out more from competitors like AT&T’s DirecTV Now, YouTube TV, and other streaming competitors, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Another issue apparently has been negotiating mobile distribution rights, which Bloomberg’s sources claim has proven extremely complex. Turns out, building a new internet streaming service is hard!

T-Mobile had first announced plans for a TV service to launch sometime this year back in December 2017, when it bought Layer3 TV to help build out its service. But since that original announcement, there’s been little to no word about it at any of T-Mobile’s launches or press conferences throughout the year. Considering that the news broke with just 11 days left in 2018 (barring some 11th hour launch) it was probable that T-Mobile would be missing that deadline anyway, but now there’s at least some confirmation that we’ll be waiting until next year.