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Google’s Chrome Canvas is a handy browser app for quick doodles

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For when you need to draw Gritty on the go

Google has quietly released a progressive web app called Chrome Canvas that lets you make quick doodles that automatically save to your Google account, via Chrome Unboxed. That means you can just type in “” into a Chrome browser on any computer, and pull up a basic drawing app without having to download any programs or apps. Chrome Canvas first showed up as an app in a recent Chrome OS Dev build, but it’s available now on any browser that supports WebAssembly, like Firefox.

The app’s features are pretty simple for now, with a basic toolbar consisting of pencil, pen, marker, chalk, and eraser tools, in addition to a color palette. You can export your drawing as a PNG file when you’re done, or pull up the same drawing on your phone, and vice versa. To install the app on your Chromebook, just tap the three-dot button and hit ‘install Canvas’, and it’ll show up as a palette icon on the Chrome OS launcher. It’ll also prompt you to add Chrome Canvas if you access the site from your Android phone.