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ON TRACK: 2019 Predictions...(1st Prediction already become true!)


UPDATE - Well prediction No.1 of mine seems been reinforced or dare a say come true with todays news of iPhone sales stalling with even Tim Cooks himself attributing it to trade war and difficulties in China

UPDATE 2 - MS becomes a $1TRILLION company supporting prediction 1 in the list

DISCUSS Microsoft minions! I think Microsoft will dominate and rock in's why...what do you think?

Microsoft will stay the No.1 most valued company during 2019

As of 22nd Dec Microsoft market capitalisation is 754 BILLION compared to Apple 715 BILLION. Lets face it Apple has been struggling has lost its position as being the No. 1 most valuable company. This is further backed up by the fact they will no longer be reporting on their unit sales because they have stagnated. 2019 we shall see more struggles in relation to the US trade war with China making Apples ability and receptiveness in the Chinese market ever more harder. MS market cap will increase and Apple’s will decline.

Hololens 2

This will be a very big deal. The orginal Hololens was a ground breaking product and even today nothing can match it. 2019 will see the launch of Holo Lens 2 which again will push the boundaries and for the first time allowing seamless Augmented and Virtual reality experiences. Hololens 2 will also bring about increased graphical and AI capabilities and address the limited field of view the orginal HoloLens was mainly criticized for. MS will be the leader in fusing AI, AR,VR and mixed reality in a single wearable using the Windows 10 platform….make no mistake your mind will be blown!

A redesign of Surface Pro that embraces Thunderbolt 3

People have been critical of MS late adoption of TB3 and USB-C. Well 2019 will change all that and shutup the critics once and for all. With Intels latest chips MS will final be able to embrace full fat TB3/USB-C interface, something they technically can’t do at the moment because of bandwidth limitations as the Surface connector and keyboard connector already occupies all the available channels. Surface Pro 7 will have slimmer bezels, reengineered keyboard cover and be redesigned from the ground up. The original Surface Pro transformed the PC market with the introduction of hybrid devices done right, the Surface team is relentless and Surface Pro 7 will change the hybrid market all over again shaking up Apples iPad Pro and Mac Book Pro value proposition in one hit.

The first credible ARM Windows Laptops will arrive

The latest Snapdragon 8cx is the most powerful ARM processor dedicated to run Windows 10. Bringing iPad like battery life and instant wake but bringing all full functionality of Windows 10 with it. iOS and Chrome OS devices in comparison will need to up their game against 8cx based PC’s which will be much more capable devices.

Andromeda will arrive

The rumours have been swirling and MS could well release their first foldable productivity device. Not really a phone or tablet it will most like showcase Windows 10 features, cloud and pen touch and adaptive UI that morphs depending on the mode you using the device in. Watch this space!