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2018: A year in The Verge illustrations

A lens into some of The Verge’s biggest stories of the year

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Over the twelve months of 2018, The Verge’s art team created hundreds of pieces of art: paper cutout stop-motion gifs, wallpapers made with 3D-printed molds and paint, striking photography that demands your attention, and bespoke editorial illustrations. Below is a collection of our favorite illustrations from 2018.

These illustrations vary in style and in tone, but are all aesthetically captivating. Each communicates a story visually and each does so creatively, whether they are saying a lot or a little. Our approach for each illustration depended on the content. We would draw using an iPad, or in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet. Some were made using Cinema 4D and After Effects. And a few used all of the above.

Together, they provide a lens into some of our biggest stories of the year, from the seedy underbelly of Amazon to why it might be time to break up Facebook. So sit back, get ready to scroll, and enjoy!

If after seeing everything here, you want to see more beautiful work from The Verge, check out and follow us on Instagram @thevergeart. You can head over to our merch store, where you can find our art for purchase. Our wallpapers page has original art for free download to put on your device. And lastly, you can head over to 2018: A year in photographs on The Verge to see the best of our photography from this year.

— William Joel

The Snapping Point | Artist: William Joel
The Verge 2018 tech report cards | Artist: Alex Castro
Prime and Punishment | Artist: Bloodbros.
It’s time to break up Facebook | Artist: William Joel
The Battery Issue | Artist: William Joel
The rock that fell to Earth | Artist: Cam Floyd
When influencing becomes deadly | Artist: Mallory Heyer
Science’s pirate queen | Artist: Alex Castro
End of Watch | Artist: Alex Castro
The tragic end of Telltale Games | Artist: Alex Castro
Designing for the crackdown | Artist: Nicole Xu
When whisper networks let us down | Artist: Alex Castro