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Lady Gaga teases an anime cyborg at her Las Vegas concert

Lady Gaga teases an anime cyborg at her Las Vegas concert

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Lady Gaga has been teasing a new animated character on social media as part of her Las Vegas residency show. It looks to be a cyborg with long blue hair and the ability to fly through space, a character that Gaga was also dressed as on Friday. In a short, mysterious clip posted to YouTube and Instagram, the character looks around at a shining star before making contact with it and absorbing its powers.

The anime-like character charges up, while crying, “What’s happening to me?” before hurtling through space with the newfound energy. The video ends with the appearance of “PetGa,” an alien being first seen during the release and promotion of Lady Gaga’s 2013 album ArtPop. PetGa says fondly, “Hello Gaga,” and then the word “Enigma” flashes across the screen.

Gaga isn’t the only pop artist by far to fuse tech with live concerts — Drake put on a drone show in August and American and South Korean singers performed alongside an augmented reality of League of Legends’ fake k-pop band K/DA, just to name a few recent examples. It’s also not Gaga’s only means of entertainment — Friday’s show included her singing ontop of a giant robot, albeit one operated by human crew members manipulating its arms.

In the month leading up to her Vegas show, Lady Gaga has been posting short clips of her wearing motion-capture gear and voicing parts of the Enigma show, including one scene where she’s crying. That seems to fit in with what we’ve seen from the animated clip, and indicates that the motions of the cyborg character are in part based on Gaga’s movements in real life. The Enigma show began on Friday and is set to run throughout next year.