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AT&T will no longer offer prorated credits when you cancel certain services

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AT&T will no longer offer prorated credits to those who cancel certain services before the end of their billing period, as spotted by Ars Technica. The change will go into effect on January 14th, 2019, and will apply to DirecTV, U-verse TV, AT&T Phone, AT&T Internet, and Fixed Wireless Internet accounts.

Now, no matter when you cancel, you’ll be charged for the full month and the service will continue until the end of the billing period. AT&T already had this policy in place for its mobile service, but now the company is applying it across the board. “Currently, if you cancel any of these services, we give you prorated credits for the remaining days in your bill period,” AT&T said in a statement. “Starting January 14, 2019, if you disconnect these services before the bill period is over, we won’t offer those prorated credits anymore. But, you can still use your services until the last day of your bill period.”

There are a few exceptions to this change. Upgrades, downgrades, and switching between many of AT&T’s services are exempt; as well as accounts in California, Illinois, and New York; and U-verse TV, AT&T Phone, and AT&T Internet accounts in Michigan.