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Facebook continues putting Stories everywhere, and now it’s coming to all Groups

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Facebook announced today that it’s rolling Group Stories out globally, after initially debuting them last year. The feature allows Group members to contribute to a collaborative story. The company’s also launching reactions in Group Stories, so users can respond to other people’s contributions with a variety of emoji as they watch.

A group story will show up at the top of a Group’s page, and users can contribute by clicking the “add” button next to it. They can then choose something from their camera roll, add effects, stickers, text, or a drawing, and share it. Of course, opening stories up to a massive group of people could backfire, so Group moderators can choose to approve story content before it posts. That’ll be the default for Groups that already requires that posts are moderated before going live. Moderators can also mute members or choose to only allow admins to post or contribute to Group Stories.

As far as Stories updates just this year: Facebook launched music stickers for them, created a Stories archive, and opened Stories up to advertisers. The company also released user numbers for Stories on Facebook and Messenger and said the two services attract 300 million people each day. Basically, the Stories format can’t be stopped, and it’ll be everywhere Facebook can possibly place it.