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You can now buy Apple’s $29 USB-C fast chargers

You can now buy Apple’s $29 USB-C fast chargers


It’s been a long time coming...

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Image: Apple

After releasing its first official iPhone XR cases today, Apple has also added another new accessory to the Apple Store: an 18 watt USB-C power adapter. The new $29 USB-C charger can be used to fast charge your iPad (or iPhone), if you lost the identical charger that it shipped with.

Previously, your only official replacement option from Apple was to buy one of the Mac USB-C adapters — starting at $49 — for the 30W USB-C charger normally shipped with MacBooks. The new, less-expensive chargers mean you can now fast charge your iPhone XS, XR, and X, albeit through a complicated method. Alongside the $29 charger, you still have to spend another $19 on Apple’s official USB-C to Lightning cable to get Cupertino’s fast charging solution working on your iPhone.

Historically, every iPhone that has supported fast charging (since the iPhone 8 / 8 Plus) didn’t come with a fast charger, so this presents iPhone owners with the option for joining the fast charging bandwagon nearly all flagship Android phone owners have been on.