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Sayonara Wild Hearts is the next game from cult mobile studio Simogo

Sayonara Wild Hearts is the next game from cult mobile studio Simogo


Coming to the Switch next year

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It’s been years since we’ve had a new game from Simogo, the small Swedish studio behind offbeat hits like Device 6 and The Sailor’s Dream. But at the Game Awards this evening, the team announced its long-awaited next project: Sayonara Wild Hearts, and it looks completely different than anything the studio has done before. It’s described as “a euphoric music video dream about being awesome, riding motorcycles, skateboarding, dance battling, shooting lasers, wielding swords, and breaking hearts at 200mph.”

It clearly has a heavy musical focus — as you can see in the trailer above — and an absolutely wild sense of style, like an interactive music video. It’s also not explicitly a mobile game like most Simogo titles, but instead will be launching on the Nintendo Switch and “other platforms” some time next year. We don’t know much else right now.


Since its debut with the charming mobile game Bumpy Road, Simogo’s output has become increasingly eclectic over the years, often stretching the boundaries of what a game is. It started with the unsettling adventure game Year Walk, before expanding to the interactive spy novel Device 6 and The Sailor’s Dream, a peaceful collection of short stories. The studio’s most recent release is 2015’s SPL-T, an addictive, low-fi puzzle game.