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Verizon offers emergency first responders discounts on unlimited plans

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$15 off the bill for a single unlimited line, $35 off two lines, or $40 off three or more lines


Verizon has announced a new discount for emergency first responders. The carrier already offers special plans for government agencies, but the new discount applies to personal consumer plans for first responders, not just their professional lines.

State and local police, fire, and EMS workers are all eligible for the discount, be they current employees, retirees, or volunteers. Eligible customers can get $15 off their bill for a single unlimited line, $35 off of two lines, or $40 off of three or more lines, with the option to mix and max the various flavors of “unlimited” plans that Verizon offers.

The move comes just a few months after Verizon received heavy criticism for throttling emergency responders’ unlimited plans in California, hindering the firefighters’ ability to provide emergency services and battle the Mendocino wildfires. (Verizon later pledged that it would make sure “that it never happens again.“)

The new offer for first responders is available now. To take advantage of it, log into your My Verizon account and upload the proper documentation, or visit a store in person to get the discount.