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Amazon is reportedly looking to expand its cashier-less Go stores to airports

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Amazon could provide your next pre-flight snack

Amazon Go store Image: Amazon

Amazon’s cashier-less Go stores have been slowly rolling out across the country, but the retail giant may be setting its sights on a different area for its next expansion: airports, according to a report from Reuters.

It’s no secret that Amazon is looking to expand its retail footprint. A report from Bloomberg earlier this year claimed that Amazon was planning to add as many as 3,000 Amazon Go stores by 2021.

According to Reuters, Amazon talked to both the Los Angeles International Airport and the San Jose International Airport back in June about the possibility of adding Go stores as concession options at the airports.

The move makes sense: the grab-and-go nature of the stores without lines, cashiers, or registers would make it the perfect option for grabbing a snack on the way to your terminal or between a tight connection, and the automated nature of Amazon Go stores would mean that the 24-hour timetable of an airport would never be an issue.

However, both airports told Reuters that they’ve had no further conversations with Amazon beyond that initial June reach-out. Even if Amazon is interested, it’ll still have to go through the same competitive bidding process as any other business to actually get into an airport.