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    New trailers: Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, and more

    New trailers: Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, and more

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    Photo: Marvel
    Photo: Marvel

    Sometimes when I’m watching a movie, I’ll start re-directing it in my head, thinking about how I would have done something differently, or if I would have never even conceived the idea of doing it the way the director did, whether that be good or bad.

    Most recently, I was thrown big time when watching the opening scene to Quiz Show, Robert Redford’s 1994 movie about a rigged TV game show. The movie is kind of nice and kind of boring, and the opening scene melds both of those things together so exceptionally well that I can’t tell if it’s genius or terrible.

    The film opens on a shopper and a car salesman, with the film slowly dissolving between the two of them and the car. It’s lethargic, it’s wistful, and there are all kinds of strange undertones of masculinity. I hate it very strongly, but I also think it might just work to set the tone. A couple of weeks later, I remain completely puzzled as to how anyone decided to shoot it that way.

    Check out 9 trailers from this week below.

    Avengers: Endgame

    After lots of hype and waiting, Marvel has put out the first trailer for the final film in this era of the MCU. The trailer is filled with a lot of emotional moments, but fans who were hoping for a glimpse at what actually happens will only find a couple of key reveals. Marvel is keeping most of the real details hidden away, so there should be plenty more to tease (or mislead us about) later on. The film comes out on April 26th.

    Captain Marvel

    And here’s Marvel’s other huge trailer this week. The second trailer for Captain Marvel dives a bit more into the character’s past and the struggle she finds on Earth — not just fighting some aliens, but also figuring out where she came from. The film comes out on March 8th, just over a month before Endgame.

    Miracle Workers

    TBS released a very brief teaser for a new comedy series this week starring Daniel Radcliffe as an angel and Steve Buscemi as God. It’s short, but I think it gets the dry, ridiculous tone across pretty clearly. The show starts on February 12th.

    The Standoff at Sparrow Creek

    This looks like a very quiet, very tense thriller. The Standoff at Sparrow Creek is about a militia of men who hole up in a lumber mill after realizing that one of their members seems to have been behind a mass shooting. From there, interrogations begin as they try to figure out who did it. It comes out on January 18th.

    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: A Midwinter’s Tale

    It’s been just over a month since Netflix debuted its sharp, dark, and stylish take on Sabrina, and it’s already returning for a one-off special. I haven’t seen any of this show yet, but all of its trailers make it look worth checking out. The special debuts on December 14th.

    The Innocent Man

    Netflix has a big new true crime series coming up with a surprising name behind it: John Grisham. Grisham is known for his crime and legal thrillers, but a decade ago, he wrote a nonfiction story about a man who was placed on death row after being wrongly convicted of murder. Now that book is being expanded into this series, which debuts on December 14th.

    Les Misérables

    PBS is turning Les Mis into a TV miniseries — and it isn’t going the musical route. It’s a straight drama, and it’ll run for six episodes when it debuts next year. The series starts on April 14th.

    All is True

    This is not a film I was expecting to find this week. Kenneth Branagh directs and stars in a movie about Shakespeare’s final years. Like Shakespeare’s plays, the film looks like it’s infused with plenty of humor, even while the greater plot is a somewhat serious story of family, marriage, and personal success. It comes out on December 21st in a limited release.

    The American Meme

    Netflix’s latest documentary goes inside the lives of #influencers to see what it’s like trying to get by on faves and fans in a world where social media always has something else to look at. The film has good reviews so far, and it features a number of very recognizable faces, including Paris Hilton and DJ Khaled. It came out on Friday.