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Google Assistant can now set music alarms and look up TV schedules

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Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

Google is releasing a pair of small but helpful new features for the Google Assistant today: it can now set alarms to music and look up TV schedules.

To set an alarm to music, you used to have to store the song you wanted on your device. Now, you can just tell the Assistant to “set an alarm for 7AM that plays Bob Dylan,” and it’ll wake you up to whatever artist, song, or playlist you asked for.

The alarms work with whichever music service you’ve set the Assistant to use by default, so Spotify and Pandora, for instance, can both be used. You’ll also be able to use any songs uploaded to your Google Play Music library.

The new ability to look up TV schedules is about as straightforward as it sounds: you ask “when is Doctor Who on next?” and it’ll tell you when the next new episode or rerun is going to be. You can also ask “which channel airs The Good Place?” to get channel information and play time for the next new episode. Both questions mostly work, though results didn’t come up correctly for every TV show I asked about, even when Google heard me correctly.