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MGM’s Stargate: Origins’ new trailer shows an Indiana Jones-style fight against Nazis

MGM’s Stargate: Origins’ new trailer shows an Indiana Jones-style fight against Nazis


The series begins streaming on February 15th

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MGM has released a new trailer for its upcoming prequel show, Stargate: Origins, showing off an Indiana Jones-style adventure that pits its characters against Nazis in Egypt in 1939.

The trailer shows off a bit more of what to expect from the digital show, which will follow Catherine Langford (played by Ellie Gall), the daughter of the explorer who discovered the stargate device in Giza, Egypt in 1928. Langford has apparently been trying to figure out what the device does, but so has Nazi occultist Dr. Wilhelm Brücke. Langford comes across a diary with new symbols that seem to relate to the gate, and along with a small group of companions, she has to fight to keep the device out of Brücke’s hands.

This teaser shows a glimpse of the gate opening (hopefully, the CGI will be polished before the show begins streaming), which has left fans wondering how the show will avoid getting tangled in the franchise’s existing canon. The central premise of Roland Emmerich’s original 1994 franchise-launching film was that scientists, including Langford, weren’t sure how to activate the device. The first season of the 1997 spinoff show, Stargate SG-1, reveals that the gate was activated once, and Langford’s fiancé ended up stranded on another world for decades.

The film Stargate followed a special military unit that used an alien device to travel instantaneously to other worlds. The franchise grew to include two additional shows, Stargate: Atlantis (2004) and Stargate Universe (2009). The shows have been off the air since 2011. Last year, MGM announced it was bringing the franchise back with Origins, which will stream on a dedicated streaming service called Stargate Command. That service, which launched in September 2017, pulls most of the existing Stargate series content together in one place.

Stargate: Origins will begin streaming on Febrary 15th.