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Snapchat is now selling merchandise in its app

Snapchat is now selling merchandise in its app


The dancing hot dog plushie is pretty good

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Snapchat has dabbled in merchandise before, with branded towels, backpacks, and the infamous dancing hot dog costume. But now the company is taking things a step further with a full-fledged merch store that launched today in the app, which was first spotted by Taylor Lorenz on Twitter.

Accessible on the Discover tab of the app, the Snapchat store features Snap-themed items like a plush version of the dancing hot dog ($19.99, with posable arms and a removable bun), a fire emoji Snap streak hat ($29.99), a Winkface sweatshirt ($49.99), dog lens tee ($29.99), and a “Bring back best friends” sweatshirt ($49.99). The launch of the store was originally planned for October 21st, according to internal emails obtained by The Verge, but it was delayed until now.

According to the store page, items will disappear from the store without warning. So if there’s something from that current batch of stuff that you want, you may want to get it soon. More products are set to drop next week on February 8th.

Notably missing from the store are Snap’s Spectacles, the company’s only hardware product, which has basically faded from the spotlight after a short-lived, much-hyped launch in 2016. Snap is said to have lost $40 million on hundreds of thousands of unsold Spectacles. That said, a Snap spokesperson told TechCrunch that the purpose of the store is to provide Snapchat gear for fans and to promote brand loyalty, implying that the goal is not to drive income to recoup that loss.

If Snap wants to make money, it would only need to sell a mere 2 million hot dog plushies to break even.