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New trailers: Deadpool 2, Jessica Jones, Venom, and more

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Jessica Jones production still season 2 Photo: David Giesbrecht / Netflix

I got around to seeing I, Tonya last weekend, and it was just so good that pieces of it kept coming back to me for days. In particular, there are these wonderful moments where Margot Robbie is skating around the ice, the world spinning around her, but you can see her face snap back and forth between joy and exasperation — this wonderful, momentary elation of knowing you’re a success, and the terrible falls of realizing everything around you is breaking apart.

I’ve seen some people wondering how the film handles a main character who, you know, is not exactly of the finest moral character. The film makes matters more ambiguous than they are in reality; but even without that, it does a wonderful job of showing the complexities and inconsistencies that can get mixed up inside one person. The Tonya of the film is surrounded by abusers and buffoons, trying her best to be free of them in the one way available to her. So when the assault on Nancy Kerrigan comes, we understand how Tonya got there — and how much (this character, at least) wishes she were anywhere else.

Check out nine trailers from this week below.

Deadpool 2

The latest Deadpool trailer is just one big introduction to Cable — but naturally, this being Deadpool, it can’t be so straightforward as to just give a character a normal welcome. This is also our first real look at Deadpool 2, and, ya know, it’s got the mixture of ludicrous violence and immature comedy that everyone’s coming back for. The movie comes out May 18th.


Given the history of the Spider-Man franchise, I have to say I’m very skeptical about how this will go. But at least in this first trailer, there’s not a lot to judge it on. Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams are in it, and both of them are always fantastic, and it looks like Riz Ahmed is being set up to be the villain, which could be cool. But what exactly will the Venom action look like? It seems we’ll have to wait for the next trailer to find out. The film comes out October 5th.

Jessica Jones

The first season of Jessica Jones won accolades for its thoughtful exploration of trauma and mental illness, and it looks like season two will continue to address those subjects head on. This preview shows a mixture of super hero action, crime solving, but mostly just lots of challenging moments where characters are butting heads with themselves and each other. The new season comes out March 8th.


I’ve watched this trailer a few times now trying to figure out what bothers me about it — there are a few things, but I think the main one is this: it’s trying to be cool. I’m not a big Star Wars fan, so I could be off here, but it seems to me that Han Solo doesn’t try to be cool, he just is cool — by virtue of being a slacker and a scoundrel, not by rushing into impressive, high-risk adventures. Now, maybe that’s just the trailer and not the movie itself, but Disney only has a few more months to convince us this film’s rocky production turned out well. It comes out May 25th.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Another Mission: Impossible, another chance to ponder subtitle punctuation in a series that already has a colon in the name. This trailer doesn’t necessarily get me that excited for another Mission: Impossible, but I do like that it’s presenting a much more energetic tone than, say, recent Bond films, which makes the whole thing seem a lot more fun. Also, Tom Cruise does an insane helicopter stunt, obviously. It comes out July 27th.


All I have to say is, where is Samurai World? Because we were promised Samurai World. Seriously though, I’m pretty curious to know where Westworld goes in season two, mostly because it seems difficult to repeat the strange and intentionally confusing narrative structure it used a second time around, and that’s a large part of what kept the show interesting the first time. No matter what it’s doing, this trailer shows the series is going to look just as big and ambitious as before. The new season starts April 22nd.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

One thing I like about the new trailer for the Jurassic World sequel is the mixture of big and small environments — it seems to be using the outdoors for huge action scenes and indoor spaces for tenser, scarier moments. And while that’s not exactly a new idea, the scarier moments seem to play well in part because the characters are actually aware of the absurd levels of danger they’re in, which makes it all a bit more fun to buy into. The movie comes out June 22nd.

Hard Sun

Hard Sun seems to be a mix between a typical cop drama and an apocalyptic survival series — it’s about two detectives dealing with crime in a world just on the brink of apocalypse, getting ever stranger by the day. I can’t tell how thoroughly this series will break outside the crime-of-the-week procedural format, but it definitely seems to be playing up a strong and discomforting visual style that comes with more narrative shows like Mr. Robot. The first season hits Hulu on March 7th.


Okay, I started this trailer with a less than negative interest in this movie but I ended it somewhere near 500 percent. Do those numbers make sense? No. But neither does anything in this trailer. The movie comes out July 13th.