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Get Out is playing at AMC theaters for free this Presidents’ Day

Get Out is playing at AMC theaters for free this Presidents’ Day


As if you needed a reason to see it one more time

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Jordan Peele’s Get Out is heading into this year’s Academy Awards with four nominations, including Best Picture, and audiences will be able to see the film again for free at AMC theaters this Presidents’ Day. Peele made the announcement today via Twitter, with a creepy video clip promoting the event as a celebration of the film’s one-year anniversary. (Get Out was released last year on February 24th; the free screenings will be happening next Monday, February 19th at 7:00PM local time.)

Almost immediately upon its release, Get Out was hailed as a modern classic, with Peele deftly using the framework of a traditional horror movie to explore racial tensions while also cleverly wringing humor out of some of the same terrifying situations. In an interview with The Verge last year, Peele explained that part of his intent with the film was to use the vehicle of a thriller to start conversations about diversity, racism, and other vital issues that might otherwise be difficult to kick-off. “I’m a true believer in story,” he said at the time. “I think when you just tell people to think, people tend to get resistant and defensive, and feel like you’re accusing them of not thinking.”

According to AMC, 55 different locations across the United States will be participating in the promotion. Guests will able to request one free ticket each at theater box offices on the day of the screening. A list of all theaters that will be screening Get Out is now available online.