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Samsung filing hints that smart glasses might still be coming

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For ‘computerized vision-assisting eyewear’

Samsung Glass mockup

For years, there have been rumors that Samsung might be making smart glasses. Now, as reported by SamMobile, the company has filed in South Korea to trademark a new logo related to “computerized vision-assisting eyewear,” suggesting that the idea of Samsung building a Google Glass-like headset is still on the table.

The first hint of Samsung developing some sort of Google Glass-style wearable was back in 2013, with a design patent for a pair of “sports glasses.” Then, in 2014, a report from the Korea Times cited unnamed Samsung officials who said Samsung was indeed making its version of Google Glass, tentatively called Galaxy Glass. The glasses never surfaced, and talk about such a product slowed to a halt. This new trademark application is the first indication since 2014 that Samsung is still interested in and pursuing its own brand of smart glasses.

Samsung’s new trademark filing
Samsung trademark filing logo

The trademark filing is unnamed, but mentions several use types associated with the logo, including, “computer software for analyzing and configuring vision-assisting eyewear,” “computer software for setting up, configuring, and controlling wearable peripheral for computer and mobile devices, namely headsets, display devices and glasses,” and “computerized vision-assisting eyewear consisting of a camera, computer and display to capture, process, and present images.”

Certainly, a trademark filing isn’t a definitive answer as to whether or not some iteration of Samsung’s smart glasses will be announced, but it is an implication that the company hasn’t abandoned such a concept.