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Microsoft launches party chat for Xbox app on Android and iOS

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Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

After first testing the feature in its beta apps, Microsoft today rolled out party chat to its public Android and iOS Xbox mobile apps. The feature allows Xbox Live users to communicate with their gaming pals via both voice and text when they’re out of the house and away from the console. That heightens the community feel of party chat and brings it more in line with something like Discord, as Tom Warren pointed out when Microsoft first announced this was coming.

It’s also an option if, for whatever reason, you just don’t feel like putting on a headset during multiplayer sessions. I can’t speak to what the sound quality would be like if you tried to communicate with your PUBG teammates from a phone sitting next to you on the couch. Probably not great! But it’s a thing you can do.

The important thing is to use a mic in that game no matter what. Or at least mark where you’re going. Please, people. Teamwork.

Can you tell I’m disappointed I haven’t earned a chicken dinner yet?