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Versus is back, and we are kicking it off with iPhone X vs. Pixel 2

Versus is back, and we are kicking it off with iPhone X vs. Pixel 2


Who doesn’t love a good gadget showdown

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There’s reviewing a new phone, and then there’s living with a phone for an extended period of time, which is what I — excuse me, “we” — have had the chance to do in the few months since the iPhone X and the Pixel 2 started shipping.

And then we figured: what better products to compare in a new episode of Versus than these two flagship phones?

You might remember the Versus video series from back in 2016 when we sparred over Kindles, smartphones, laptops, hair dryers, robotic vacuum cleaners, even Wi-Fi-connected Brita pitchers. Sometimes it’s obvious that a new product is simply superior to its competitor or predecessor; sometimes it’s not so clear. With any new thing, the promise is that it should be better designed, run more efficiently, or improve your life in some way — but that’s not always the case.

That’s what Versus is really about: figuring out how tech actually fits into your life, and not shoehorning it in because it has a few new features, a new name, and higher price. It’s about making tech accessible, not about endless spec lists or industry jargon or clever marketing campaigns.

Well... depending on which Lauren you ask.