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Pandora Premium is now available for the web

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Almost a year after the mobile app first launched

Pandora Premium

Last March, Pandora launched Premium, a $10 per month streaming service available only as an iOS and Android app. Now, nearly a year later, Pandora Premium is available for the web.

While it might seem like Pandora is late to the streaming service game, the company already has around 80 million monthly users, and it says it wants to make streaming more approachable for the users it already has.

“We’re really going to be just maniacally focused on what really enhances the experience for everybody,” Pandora CEO Tim Westergren told The Verge in March. “There will be power user capabilities. Will video appear on Pandora? That’s been on our list for a long time. But it’s more about what are the right things to do next and in what order, to make the product better and keep it simple. That’s our guiding philosophy.”

pandora-premium Image: Pandora

The web version of Pandora Premium will have the same features as the app version, including search results based on your listening history and a song recommendation feature for playlists.