What cool new public transit options/projects are you looking forward to? :)


Anybody here? *crickets*

Anyways, per the recent discussion about Jaguar pronunciation, and Childe Roland's comment about other forms of transit. Is anyone geeking out about new public transit?

Personally I'm looking forward to the Kitsap Fast Ferries roll-out in my state. New catamarans connecting more locations across the Puget Sound to downtown Seattle. The easier it is to get to downtown from outside the metro area the better. Also it's a step in the direction of a modern Mosquito Fleet revival.

On a more gadgetty angle. We're about the test the first battery-electric ferry route in the states. If this works out, it's poised to be a major change. Our current fleet of diesel-electrics are aging, and the maintenance costs/breakdowns of the old diesel generators cause plenty of delays. They're looking at retrofitting some of the older boats, replacing diesel engines with batteries, to reduce load on the remaining generators and increase efficiency.

So... What public transit tech are you all looking forward to?