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Verizon introduces 500MB prepaid plan for $30

Verizon introduces 500MB prepaid plan for $30


But the company’s existing 3GB for $40 plan is probably a better deal

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Chris Welch

Verizon has added a new prepaid plan to its lineup, a $30 per month option that includes a meager 500MB of data per month. It doesn’t look like a great deal, especially compared to Verizon’s other existing prepaid plans, which offer 3GB for $40, 7GB for $50, 10GB for $60, or unlimited data for $75.

Verizon says 500MB should be sufficient for customers who are very light data users, but you’ll want to go light on the Spotify and YouTube.

Each of Verizon’s prepaid plans — including the new 500MB one — comes with unlimited US talk and text, the option to carry over leftover data from one month, mobile hot spot, and unlimited texting over 200 countries. Also new is the option for 3G mobile hot spots on the unlimited plan, which previously hadn’t offered the feature.

Verizon is also adding its $5 per day Travel Pass option to all of its prepaid lines, allowing users to make calls, text, and use data in Mexico and Canada. To enable Travel Pass, users can just add the option in the My Verizon app before they head out on trips.

The new 500MB plan is available starting February 20th, but it’ll probably be a tough sell compared to the 3GB for $40 option that Verizon already offers.

Update February 16, 11:45AM: Added additional content for intended use of the 500MB plan.