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Uber changed the way it reports violent incidents in London in effort to appease city officials

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‘We’re determined to change the way we do business’

Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge

In an effort to placate London authorities who revoked the company’s license last year, Uber announced today that it was making a number of major changes to the way it reports violent incidents in the UK. Uber will now report serious incidents directly to the police, after it was criticized for leaving reporting to the victims. It also says it will create a 24/7 telephone hotline for riders and drivers.

Last September, the Transport for London, the city’s transportation authority, said it would not renew Uber’s license, citing the company’s lax approach to safety. Uber appealed the decision, but Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi vowed to work with city officials to make the necessary changes that were needed to get its license back.

Today’s overhaul is a step toward that, Uber says. “We’re determined to change the way we do business, so we’ll carry on listening and plan to make other improvements over the coming months,” said Tom Elvidge, general manager of Uber in the UK, in a statement.

The changes come just one day after TfL unveiled plans to crack down on app-based transportation businesses, including forcing private for-hire taxis to limit the time drivers spend on the road and to turn over travel data to the government.

Uber says that it has already implemented its new policy of reporting violent incidents to the police in London, and is in discussions with police departments across the UK about expanding it. The company says it will also provide drivers’ licensing details to riders as part of their electronic trip receipts, and the ability for drivers to share a live map of their trips with their friends and loved ones.