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Let's Discuss: Black Panther


So, obviously, this thread is gonna be a full of spoilers. Don't come here looking for anything else.


I watched last night and was as throughly entertained as I have been with Disney/Marvel. Say what you want about hero fatigue, but for many people, it simply hasn't sat in. Kevin Feige knows what it takes to get people to keep coming out to see these films.

That said, this movie was incredible. The story was less combat driven, but made up for it with drama.

I remember some sites were upset that someone gave BP a 4/5 due to there not being enough fighting. It's funny, but I felt the same way. There's not a ton of over the top combat like other Marvel films. And the final showdown between BP and Erik was mostly CGI.

I'd say that particular fight may have been the least thrilling part of the film.

That said, the best part may very well be that Erik Killmonger is clearly the second best villian Marvel has given us. Loki remains number one for me due to his longevity and what's sure to be his upcoming end in my opinion.


That said, Killmonger truly has a purpose, but is simply approaching that purpose in a way that will end horribly. His determination to see this path to the end, regardless of killing those he loves or are related to profound in such a film like this.

For white readers, this may not be as important on certain levels. But growing up black, or any other race, you can instantly relate to Erik and his reasoning. How different things could be if your race or descendents had the power to change history. Avoid being enslaved, avoid having your land taken from you, avoid being marginalized in your own country...

It's what makes this Marvel film different. You can relate to the villian and see yourself. The closest we've seen to this is The Vulture from Spiderman Homecoming.

It's funny, because that villian represents the feelings of middle-class white America, and BPs villain represents POC.

Even to the very end, to his death...Erik sticks to his guns and never wavers once that what he wanted to accomplish was true justice. His final words are actually what makes you forget about the fairly weak fight between him and BP:

"Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors who jumped from ships, cause they knew death was better than bondage."

Even dying, pulling the spear point from his chest, Erik has absolute resolve that his cause was right.

Most Marvel villians seek to rule just to be seen as a conquerer, benefiting only themselves. Erik seeked equality. Now, we all know that absolute power always corrupts in the end, but his immediate ideals were something that set him apart.

And it's his arc that sets this Marvel film so much higher on the heirarchy of which Marvel film is the best.

The rest of the cast was great. BP finding out that the man he idealized, his father, was just as flawed and imperfect as any parent; as well as his fight with Killmonger, actually shapes his life and how he proceeds to rule as king.

His being surrounded, guided and protected by powerful women was of equal importance. Especially did I love Okoye.

She was a straight up, savage beast!


Her fights were probably the best in the entire movie. While not hugely nuanced, her loyalty was steadfast, to a fault. That she struggled to keep her loyalty to the throne spoke volumes.

Suri, BPs little sister, was funny and smart. If you have a smart mouthed younger silibing, you'll see them in her character. You'll also see that genuine love one has for ones brother or sister when they see them hurt or in pain.

Still, it just brings me back to Erik.

Any run of the mill, one note villian, and this film isn't the same. His presence is a game changer.

It highlights how much better super hero movies can be. Not by only touching on real social issues, ideas and questions, but also by how villians are complex as well.

A villain with real purpose, one the audience can relate to, always makes for a better film.

Here's hoping we see this continue in the MCU!T his is definitely a must watch Marvel movie!

Let's hear what you thought below.