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Google Plus is its own worst enemy. It should be a very good product but here's what I have found with Google Plus


My research shows me that when everything is set to public in the "about me" section in Google Plus. Nothing. I repeat Nothing shows up in the Google results page. What is the point of having a public setting if it doesn't work????????

I have been doing a LOT of work to bring more traffic to my Google Plus pages. Then I did some research on my Google Plus pages and found out it was useless. If I had gone ahead and done all this work and then found out that I had wasted my time I would have been very, very, angry. I have totaled up my followers on my Google Plus sites using spreadsheets and it comes to 180,188 as of 17-Feb-2018 (Australian time). I have put in a lot of time on Plus, but I am disappointed in the results I have been getting from the effort I had put in.

None of the links work as links. None of the information is in Google to bring in visitors.

This certainly takes the cake! I still have some more work and research on my Plus blogs to do. But I am very upset and thinking of giving up using Google Plus. What is the point if Google Plus is it's own worst enemy? If my research finds any more bad flaws like this. Then stuff it.