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Ampler returns with three improved e-bikes for daily commuters

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The Indiegogo darling is back after shipping 800 handmade bikes to 21 countries

The new Ampler Curt with belt drive.

Ampler Bikes is the plucky electric bicycle startup founded by a trio of childhood friends in Estonia. The company has shipped more than 800 smart bikes to 21 countries since the conclusion of its successful Indiegogo campaign in 2016, according to Ampler’s founders. Now they’re back with three new pedal-assist models that incorporate customer feedback to improve the overall commuting experience. The Curt, Stout, and Stellar models are all handmade in Tallinn with an estimated range of 70 km (43.5 miles) on a single charge from a integrated 336Wh battery and 250 watt rear motor.

The sporty Ampler Curt with deep rims and straight handlebars is my favorite model, available in both single- and 10-speed versions with an optional Gates Carbon belt drive. It looks like a refined version of the Hawk I thoroughly enjoyed testing in 2016. The carbon fork helps make it the lightest of the bunch weighing in at about 14.1 kg (31.1 pounds) depending upon configuration options like mudguards and rear carrier.

Charge here.

The aluminum Stellar and Stout are more traditional looking city commuters. The biggest difference is the Stellar’s step-through frame that makes it easier to mount and dismount. Both bikes weigh 16.4kg (36.2 pounds) and feature wide tires, hydraulic disk brakes, and nine gears.

The Curt starts at €2,490 while the Stellar and Stout both start at €2,290 before adding options like integrated lights, puncture-proof tires, plusher seat and grips, an extra charger, or Abus front wheel theft protection. Delivery and returns are free when ordering from the EU, Switzerland, and Norway, and the bikes should arrive within 21 days after orders are placed.