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Netflix’s Lost in Space reboot begins streaming on April 13th

Netflix’s Lost in Space reboot begins streaming on April 13th


‘Danger, Will Robinson!’

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Netflix has released the first look at its upcoming reboot of the classic science fiction TV series Lost in Space, which will debut on the service on April 13th.

The company announced the revival in 2016. The show will keep the premise of the original 1965 show: the Robinson family heads into space to establish a new colony but lands on a different world after an accident. The trailer suggests an updated but retro look for the tech and gear, as various members of the Robinson family board their ship in their space suits, accompanied by narration about the adaptability of humanity. The context suggests that Earth isn’t a safe place to live anymore, prompting the efforts to establish a new colony.

There are plenty of nods to the original series: we hear the classic line from the show, “Danger, Will Robinson,” along with a brief glimpse of the accident that sends the Robinsons to the wrong planet.

The original Lost in Space ran for 85 episodes on CBS and was rebooted in 1998 as a feature film starring William Hurt and Matt LeBlanc. Following the success of Syfy’s Battlestar Galactica, the WB commissioned a grittier version from John Woo, but that version never went to series. The show is the latest revival from Netflix, which has picked up shows like Fuller House, Mystery Science Theater 3000Gilmore Girls, and Arrested Development in recent years, and has planned to spend upward of $8 billion on original content in 2018.

The show also fills a bit of a hole in Netflix’s programming: original science fiction. While Netflix recently released its dark, gritty cyberpunk show Altered Carbon, Lost in Space could be aimed more at a family audience.