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Dish reveals it has over 2 million Sling TV subscribers

Dish reveals it has over 2 million Sling TV subscribers


The ‘#1 live and on-demand internet streaming service,’ according to Sling TV

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Dish owns Sling TV, and here’s a picture of their juxtaposed hanging signage with big 3D letters that we took way back during its debut in 2015.

Dish has announced separate numbers for its Sling TV over-the-top subscription service for the first time, and things seem to be looking good, with the company revealing it had over 2 million subscribers by the end of 2017.

That number — 2.212 million, to be exact — represents a 47 percent growth year over year for the streaming service, which Dish claims is the “#1 live and on-demand internet streaming service” available. That works out to a gain of around 700,000 new users in 2017, which isn’t bad, but also means that it’s growing at a slower rate than newer services like DirecTV Now, which picked up over 1 million users last year.

In the past, Dish has combined its Sling TV numbers with its regular Dish TV satellite customers when reporting subscribers, making it difficult to get an idea of how many Sling TV users were actually out there. But the internet streaming service will still have some work to do before it beats out the satellite side of the company, which Dish reported has just over 11 million subscribers.