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There’s a rugged Land Rover phone hidden beneath this man’s beard

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Moto Mods for the urban woodsman

Can you spot the phone?
Photo: Land Rover

Let’s face it, sometimes you just want to look like you’re the outdoorsy type. That’s why auto companies sell a shit-ton of SUVs to people that never leave the asphalt, and why a middle-aged pop star was recently spotted in a kerchief. So why not get a Land Rover Explore phone to complete the ensemble?

Built by the Bullitt Group, the so-called “Outdoor Phone” with Land Rover branding features giant truck-like bezels, a mighty 4,000mAh battery, durable IP68 rating that makes it resistant to salt water, and the ability to survive drops from about six feet.

Land Rover Explore with swappable packs.
Photo: Land Rover and Bullitt Group

Most notably, perhaps, are the hardware packs that can be swapped into place a la Moto Mods:

  • Adventure Pack with IP68 durability rating that adds an additional 3600mAh battery to the phone and enhances the GPS signal with a 25mm ceramic patch GPS antenna.
  • Bike Pack case for mounting on the stem or handlebar.
  • Battery Pack with IP68 rating that adds an additional 4,370mAh of battery capacity.

The 5-inch phone with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage ships with Android Nougat and a promised upgrade to Oreo at some point. It also features a custom skin for quick access to outdoorsy information and custom apps for outdoorsy apping.

The Land Rover Explore ships with the Adventure Pack for a list price of €649 / £599 (about $799) when orders begin in April.