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Samsung Max replaces Opera’s data and privacy app in India and beyond

Available now from the Google Play and Galaxy App stores

samsung s health app stock Photo by Vlad Savov / The Verge

Samsung is replacing Opera Max with its own privacy and data savings app called Samsung Max. Samsung says the new Max has an “enhanced design and user experience” compared to Opera’s discontinued version, with two key Data Saving features that help users monitor data usage and manage privacy, while allowing users to access the internet securely.

The new app is particularly aimed at those in India, and builds on the company’s “Make for India” program, which Samsung says is designed to provide locally relevant and beneficial software and hardware.

Image: Via Google Play

The app works by scanning users’ phones and identifying which apps are using the most data. It’s also able to actively compress images, videos, music files, and webpages in apps and browsers to save on data quotas. There are also options to manage data permissions for specific apps and to block auto background data usage. If you’re often working on public Wi-Fi, the app’s privacy features include a useful tool that encrypts open, untrusted, and unknown hotspots with just one tap. There is also tracker blocking and a Domain Name System (DNS) masking service.

Samsung Max is preloaded on the company’s Galaxy A and Galaxy J devices in India, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand, and Vietnam. Users on other Samsung devices can download the app now from Google Play or the Galaxy App store. Those already using the Opera Max app will receive an automatic update to Samsung Max on February 23rd.