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Snag an Apple TV 4K for $105 with three months of DirecTV Now

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

The Apple TV 4K didn’t get rave reviews, which makes its $179 price tag a bit tough to swallow if you’ve been waiting to upgrade your current model. But if you’re locked into the Apple ecosystem and have been scouring for a steep discount, DirecTV Now is currently running a pretty good deal that’ll get you new Apple TV model for just $105.

At about $74 off retail, it’s one of the best deals out there for the new Apple TV, which still goes for about $149 for a refurbished model.

With the promotion, the AT&T-owned company is giving away a free Apple TV 4K with 32GB for three prepaid months of DirecTV Now service (the cheapest of which is $35 a month for about 60 live channels). Only new subscribers are eligible, and your service will automatically renew after three months, so if you just want the keep Apple TV and not the service, remember to cancel before the renewal period.