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Amazon Prime orders a second season of its podcast-inspired TV series Lore

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A new anthology season with a new showrunner

Photo by Curtis Baker / Amazon Studios

In 2017, Amazon decided to get into the podcast adaptation business, turning Aaron Mahnke’s hit podcast Lore into both a television series and an immersive haunted house. Apparently the show performed well because today, the company announced that it has ordered a second season of the Amazon Prime series.

Like its namesake podcast, Lore is an anthology show that tells one-off stories, usually with a horror bent, exploring the origins of popular urban legends and myths. Writer-producer Glen Morgan (The X-Files, Millennium) served as showrunner for the first season of the series, but for the second outing, Sean Crouch (Numbers, Helix) will be at the helm. According to Amazon, the new season will feature episodes based on existing podcast installments, as well as new stories written specifically for the show itself.

Originally launched in 2015, Mahnke’s Lore podcast has become a bit of a micro-industry. Along with the Amazon Prime series and immersive experience, the show has also given rise to a three-book series rounding up various tales from the show. The next season of the TV show will begin shooting in April 2018.