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YouTube brings ads back to Logan Paul’s channel, but he’s on a 90-day probation

YouTube brings ads back to Logan Paul’s channel, but he’s on a 90-day probation


He’s still not eligible for YouTube’s Google Preferred ad program

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Two weeks ago, YouTube decided to temporarily suspend ads on Logan Paul’s channel, claiming he exhibited a “pattern of behavior” that could be detrimental to advertisers and other creators. As of yesterday, YouTube restored ads to Paul’s channel, Polygon reports, but the service is putting him on probation for 90 days.

During the probation period, Paul will be able to monetize his videos, but they won’t show up in YouTube’s Trending section, and non-subscribers won’t receive notifications when he uploads new videos, according to Polygon.

Paul’s YouTube channel has been under scrutiny since he filmed a suicide victim in Japan’s Aokigahara forest at the end of 2017. YouTube responded about a week later by removing Paul from its Google Preferred ad program and shelving his YouTube Red projects. Paul is still not eligible for the more lucrative Google Preferred ad program, according to Polygon.

Despite huge amounts of criticism directed toward Paul, the consequences YouTube imposed on him have always felt temporary. Earlier this month at the Code Media conference, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said she didn’t think Paul deserved to be kicked off the platform because he hadn’t “done anything that would cause those three strikes.”

Paul claims he’s learned from his experiences over the last few months, but his return to YouTube has felt like a return to his old ways.