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Google is crowdsourcing ideas for improving Pixel device settings

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Google’s Pixel software team has taken to Reddit for suggestions

Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Google’s internal team responsible for Pixel software, settings, and device configuration took to Reddit yesterday to crowdsource some Android users’ biggest complaints about day-to-day usage of the flagship smartphone. The replies are naturally wide-ranging and thoughtful, covering everything from Bluetooth volume settings to Google Home integration to renewed calls for a system-wide dark theme, something the company shot down just last week as a potential new feature of Android.

“We don’t have any features or product plans to announce right now, but we hope to incorporate this feedback to improve your Settings experience on Pixel devices in the future,” the company wrote on the Reddit thread, which remains active with nearly 700 comments and counting. “For any pain points or feedback you have, it would also be great if you could explain as much as you can about your context and why it is a pain point. For instance, if there’s a setting you toggle 20 times a day, explain the scenarios where you need to manage the setting. This will help us better understand how to address the problem.”

Near the top are some solid suggestions. Make it so Pixel and Pixel 2 devices ignore “Hey Google” detection when connected to the same Wi-Fi network as a Google Home is the most upvoted one, or at the very least allowing you to customize device-specific wake words. Another is a toggle for auto-joining recognized Wi-Fi networks, or disabling auto-join for unrecognized Wi-Fi networks. Both Samsung phones and iOS devices have this option, some users pointed out. Other more specific suggestions include a less sensitive or possibly even a customizable adaptive brightness system for the display, app-specific auto-rotation options, and a quick toggle for the time it takes the display to go to sleep.

Google appears to still be taking suggestions in the thread today, so head over to Reddit in the event you want to make your voice heard.