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Twitter is rolling out Bookmarks to all users today

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An easy way of saving tweets without having to like them

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Twitter is globally launching its Bookmarks feature today, giving users a new way of saving tweets they like and might want to revisit. Before, this could be done by liking a tweet, but now you can save them without tapping the heart and directly engaging with a tweet. Another difference is that with Bookmarks, only you know you’ve saved something; the other user doesn’t.

To bookmark something, you tap or click the new share icon beneath a tweet. (The new icon is where the DM icon was previously.) Alongside the official debut of Bookmarks, Twitter is using this update to move several sharing options to one place. You can share a tweet via direct message, share it elsewhere outside of Twitter, or bookmark it. Your Bookmarks are accessible in the main slide-out menu. And unlike liked tweets, Bookmarks aren’t publicly viewable to other people, so they won’t be an unwelcome and unexpected addition to someone else’s timeline.

Twitter has said that Bookmarks or some sort of “save it later” feature has been a top request among users. The initial version, developed during the company’s Hack Week, looks rather close to the final product, though it’s definitely been polished some for the wide rollout.

Bookmarks are rolling out today across Twitter for Android and iOS, Twitter Lite, and the mobile Twitter website.