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Facebook is expanding its job application functionality to 40 new countries

Facebook is expanding its job application functionality to 40 new countries

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Job hunters around the world can now use Facebook to search and apply for openings at local businesses. The social network announced today that its job application feature will now be available in more than 40 countries. The feature rolled out to the US and Canada last year.

The company’s also making it easier for businesses to get their listings online by letting them post openings through the Facebook app. Once they’ve posted a job, managers can sift through applicants and directly reach out through Messenger. Job seekers can also subscribe to a company’s listings.

I briefly spoke with Gaurav Dosi, the jobs product manager at Facebook, and asked him about whether people treat their Facebook page like their LinkedIn. As I’m sure others have similarly done, I’ve hidden tons of photos from high school, but what has the general Facebook community done with their profile and privacy settings as they get older? Can a single page double as a social place for friends as well as a professional résumé?

Dosi says yes, and that the company makes these privacy setting readily available. People can control what they want to share, and jobs was a reaction to a behavior Facebook already saw on the platform. For example, people used their accounts to message local businesses about openings, and businesses posted their openings as status updates. The takeaway here is: just don’t have photos of yourself chugging booze in public if you’re actively applying for a professional job. It seems like common sense, but here’s your friendly reminder.