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PlayStation Plus is getting rid of free PS3 and Vita games in March 2019

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PS4 games will continue to be offered

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PlayStation Plus might be a little worse of a deal starting next year, with Sony announcing that it’ll no longer be offering free PS3 games and Vita games through the service starting in March 2019 (via Polygon).

Sony first started offering free games to PlayStation Plus subscribers back in 2010, and has since continued to build out the service to offer two PlayStation 3, two Vita, and two PS4 games to subscribers each month. Starting on March 8th, 2019, that will change to just two PS4 games per month, although any games that players have already gotten through the service will continue to be accessible for as long as they continue to subscribe.

Sony hasn’t announced any changes to PlayStation Plus’s price, which will stay at $59.99 for a year of service even with the removal of the extra games. Still, players can take some condolence in this March’s upcoming PS4 games, where Sony is offering Bloodborne and the rebooted Ratchet and Clank as this month’s free games.