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Natalie Portman dares you to say something bad about the Star Wars prequel trilogy on SNL

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‘Say something nice about Jar Jar Binks’

When actress Natalie Portman first hosted Saturday Night Live in 2006, one of her more memorable sketches was a rap video in which she poked fun at her image as a positive role model with a rap about fighting, drinking, and cheating at Harvard. Portman returned to host the show last night, and revived the sketch with some updated references, as well as a pointed defense of the Star Wars prequels.

In the original sketch, Portman was interviewed by Chris Parnell, which ended with him getting bashed by a chair. This new video opens with SNL regular Beck Bennett telling her that he heard that things got a little out of control when she was last on the show. Portman launches into her rap, saying that there’s one big change between her first appearance and now: she’s a mother now, and she’s been snacking on Tide Pods.

When Bennett asks if she’s seen the latest Star Wars films, she cuts him off when he begins to say that they’re better than the prequels, prompting her to threaten someone with a gun while in full Padmé Amidala throne room garb, telling them to say something nice about the prequels and Jar Jar Binks.

Portman headlined a couple of other sketches as well: one about a Star Trek-esque inter-species romance that hits a road bump, and a take on the strange powers and awkward adolescent crushes in Netflix’s Stranger Things.