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Facebook is celebrating Friends Day by letting you create superlatives for your friends

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For your favorite weirdo, bestie, or big-hearted friend in your life

Art: Facebook

Mark Zuckerburg founded Facebook on February 4th in his dorm room at Harvard, and the company celebrates the anniversary with its self-proclaimed “Friends Day.” As it has in the past, the company is allowing users to commemorate the day by singling out friends and this year, users can give one another a “Friend Award,” with a variety of superlatives such as “Always Has My Back,” “Big-Hearted”, “Bestie,” and more.

The feature allows you to select a friend, their picture, and a template with a variety of descriptive options. The final result features the image with a bit of animation that you can post to your wall. Users can then go back and create others for other friends.

In addition to the “Friend Awards,” the company also released three friend-themed filters for its Camera feature, as well as a series of short videos that “highlight five remarkable friendships from around the world.”