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Westworld’s second season gets its first trailer

Westworld’s second season gets its first trailer


HBO’s sci-fi puzzle box is back on April 22nd

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HBO’s Westworld wrapped up its first season with plenty of twists, surprises, and unanswered questions, and now the show’s upcoming second season has just received its first formal trailer. The spot, which aired during the Super Bowl LII broadcast, features Jeffrey Wright’s Bernard Lowe, Thandie Newton’s Maeve Millay, and Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores Abernathy — along with a peek at a frightening new host.

The spot begins almost like a commercial with the Westworld resort itself, with Dolores commenting in voice-over that “We built this world together... this world where dreams come true.” But things soon turn dark as the spot looks inside the inner workings of the Delos offices, as men with guns take out a herd of synthetic creatures before being trampled themselves. It soon becomes that the hosts are not happy with the things they discovered in the first season of the show. “We can burn it to the ground,” Dolores continues. “From the ashes, build a new world. Our world.”

The first season of Westworld played out like a complex, ever-evolving puzzle, using multiple timelines and narrative misdirection to evoke the same kind of is-this-real-or-is-this-a-dream experience that Westworld’s hosts themselves dealt with. It’s not clear whether the new season will adopt that same non-linear storytelling approach, but given the way the first season wrapped up, series creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy will have plenty of new areas to explore, regardless.

However, not all of the footage in today’s spot may end up in the series itself. According to Entertainment Weekly, the trailer — HBO’s first Super Bowl commercial in 20 years — was directed by Jonathan Nolan, with some of the footage shot exclusively for the spot. Audiences will be able to find out just how much when the new season of Westworld premieres on HBO on April 22nd.