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Sony insists that its new Gold Wireless Headset is indeed a new product

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In case the giant ‘NEW’ on the box didn’t give it away

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Image: Sony

Sony today announced a new Gold Wireless Headset for its PlayStation 4 consoles. The main new feature seems to be a slightly updated design, and a giant “NEW” on the front of the box, lest you forget for a few minutes that this was in fact an item fresh off the production line.

Despite the name, the new Gold Wireless Headset is not actually gold colored. Nor should it be confused with the old Gold Wireless Headset Sony released back in 2014, or the Platinum Wireless headset from 2016 (which was, practically speaking, the old new Gold before the announcement of today’s new new Gold).

That is to say, Sony had in theory replaced the original Gold headset with the Platinum model, which offered an even more precious metal in the title and new 3D audio features, albeit at a $159.99 price tag instead of the original Gold’s $99.99. Today’s new Gold headset remains at the same $99.99 price, and just updates the design, hopefully fixing the original Gold’s notorious durability issues in the process (as many of the comments on Sony’s blog post attest to.)